Safe Deposit Centre

Hands Personal Jewellers Safe Deposits is one of the UK's leading independent safe deposit companies.

We provide everyone with the benefits of affordable security for items of special value.

Your gold, silver, jewellery, documents and other items of value are protected to the highest level in our Essex vaults; we levy no charge for access. Private rooms are available.

Why Use Hands Personal Jewellers rather than a Bank?

As a professional safe deposit company, Hands Personal Jewellers Safe Deposits offers a totally dedicated service with no charge for visits, no service fees and seven day opening. Although Banks provide safe custody, access generally is restricted to banking hours and charges are made for every visit.

Identity Requirements

All customers are required to produce rolex replica identification at the time of opening an account or if they are to be included on any other existing account.

Privacy and Security Policies

Hands Personal Jewellers Safe Deposits is serious about your replica watches privacy and security.

Price starting from just £10 per week.

For more information on our Safety Deposit services, please call 01708 341608.

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